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CBC Gem Original

Coming soon to CBC Gem and CBC Comedy YouTube 

Season 1: 6 x 15 mins  

How are Jovi and Tabitha doing? Kinda shit. As a chubby gay man and misanthropic trans girl, they don’t exactly adhere to the “ideal gay image,” historically glorified throughout their community. They are outsiders amongst outsiders, on the fringes of queer culture and rolling their bloodshot eyes at the world around them. While the pair have their share or grievances with fellow queers AND society at large, instances have begun to arise where the two must turn a magnifying glass on THEMSELVES, for a change. The fact is, the world around them is certainly fucked, but let’s be real, this jaded and judgmental duo aren’t completely innocent either..

Produced with the Financial Participation of CBC, the Independent Production Fund,  Bell Fund and Ontario Creates 

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